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Environmental Fragrancing

In a world without fragrance we would soon be doomed. The emphasis, though has to be on natural fragrance. 

Since the beginning of time man relied on his sense of smell for safety and survival. Regrettably that no longer applies. Our olfactory system has become badly compromised since man made synthetic fragrance material started to flood our super markets, gift shops and specialty stores. The chemicals employed to imitate Nature's inherent scents of plants, aromas of food and everyday items like hygiene merchandise, candles, incense sticks, cleaning products, etc. has become a serious threat to our health.

The endocrine system, like the rest of our body, is an ingeniously designed structure comprised of glands that secrete the essential hormones for homeostasis. Synthetic fragrance chemicals jeopardise and interrupt the firing of nerve impulses vital for smooth hormone secretion, which is a complex process. When naturally flowing without interference this process can be called  
'an elegant dance sustaining life's natural rhythm'. Regular exposure to synthetic fragrance material creates havoc and can result
 in severe health issues.
Diffuser Blends

Please note: our Synergies are authentic, undiluted blends of supreme quality organic and wild crafted plant essences

Directions for Use:
  • Vaporising:
 For Electric Diffusers - plug in to a standard electrical outlet and allow 15 minutes to reach full operating temperature Add 8-10   drops of your favourite plant essence synergy to the recessed bowl & enjoy. Use only authentic, natural plant essences. Plant   essences diluted with base/carrier oils will not vaporize. Spilled oils may damage some surfaces
Clean diffusing surface regularly with Isopropyl Alcohol to avoid build-up
 For candle-lit oil burners – fill the receptacle sitting above the candle with water (up to 2/3 of capacity), add 6-10 drops of your   favourite plant essence synergy to the water and light the candle. DO NOT leave the candle burning unattended.
Clean receptacle regularly
 For Ultra-sonic diffusers - follow instructions from the supplier
 For electric waterless Vaporisers - add selected plant essence/s to a level covering the vacuum indicator within the glass vaporising   bulb and monitor the level of essences, avoiding the appliance to 'run dry'.
  • Applications to the Body: 
- Mix 2-3 drops of your chosen plant essence synergy into a teaspoon of base oil/cream and apply to pulse points/chakra points,       the soles of the feet etc.
- For a full body massage use 5-7 drops per 10ml base oil
- Mix 6-8 drops with your favourite base oil, or an egg yolk, or some dairy cream or sea salt, and add to bath water just before   entering the tub.

Winter Blend  10ml    $17.50
Uplifting blend comprising Rosemary, Lavandin, Lemon, Palmarosa, Cinnamon leaves
Brightens the atmosphere during the cooler, wetter months of winter, anti-bacterial, assists in 
staving off unwelcome 'bugs' in the home
Flu Blend  10ml    $16.50
Therapeutic blend for sanitising the air, containing Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Ravensara, Cinnamon bark
More customised in preventing and assisting with flu-like symptoms within closed-in environments
It is recommended to start using this blend at the first signs of colds and/or respiratory issues.
A drop or two on a tissue, for frequent inhalation during the day
(Not suitable for the bath)
Sacred Space  10ml   $19.90
Creating a peaceful sanctuary
Frankincense, Holy Basil (Tulsi), Spruce, Juniperberry, Blue Cypress
Creates a peaceful sanctuary, establishes equilibrium of the autonomic nervous system
Disperses negativity, fosters commitment to higher truth
Healthful Home  10ml   $18.50

Sanitising the living space       

Lavandin, Ravensara, Lemon, Palmarosa, Peppermint, Cinnamon leaves

(Not recommended for the bath)

Togetherness 10ml   $25

Creating a lover’s mood

Sandalwood, Pink Lotus, Jasmine, Rose, Vanilla, Patchouli, Ylang Ylang, Clementine

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