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Incense Crafting - Traditional Wisdom & Spiritual Healing with Aromatic Plants

Incense for Christmas Blessing in Switzerland

For many of the inhabitants of Innerrhoden (part of Canton of Appenzell) Christmas has not arrived

until the bluish wreaths of incense tickle the nostrils. On Christmas Eve, New Year’s Eve

and Twelfth Night an old ritual is performed to protect people, animals, home and stable.

Grains of incense and a twig that was blessed on Palm Sunday are burnt on charcoal in an
incense pan («Räuchlipfanne») . The pan is taken through the house and stable to
ensure that the smoke – and blessing – reaches all parts of the living quarters.
On Christmas Eve in the village of Appenzell, if requested, altar servers process
with thurible (metal censer suspended from chains) and incense boat through

people’s homes. In the countryside it is usually the father who performs the ritual

while in some places the rest of the family pray in the living room. In earlier times a

brief prayer to protect the family against evil and accidents would have been said.


Incense and blessings go hand in hand. So does the concept of Incense and Healing. As with Plant Essences and health & wellbeing, the emphasis is on the use of natural fragrant material. 


Incense was one of the most important tools for ancient Shamans to practice their craft. I decided long ago to follow in their footsteps and continue that sacred lineage. Shamanism is an ancient healing tradition and a way of life. The teachings of shamanism focus on our connection to Nature and promote the well-being of all creation, leading us back home to The Garden.



Handcrafted Sacred Incense Cones


Sandalwood & Frankincense    

Sandalwood powder, sourced from WA (Santalum spicatum); Frankincense powder wild harvested from Somalia, (Boswellia carterii);  Sandalwood Hydrosol, WA (Santalum spicatum).


West Australian Sandalwood is largely obtained from private Aboriginal sources who are licensed by the Department of Parks and Wildlife (DPAW) to wild-harvest an agreed annual quota. Harvesters of Australian Sandalwood are required to conform in all respects with the environmental and operational requirements of DPAW in order to maintain a sustainable harvesting operation.

Frankincense Powder: think of sacred space and rituals (incense in church), space clearing; allows the breath to deepen, spiritual practices

Applications: for centering, grounding, harmonising, balancing sympathetic + parasympathetic nervous systems; calms the breath; assists with stress-related conditions, depression, anxiety; Yoga practice, spiritual practices supporting the experience of inner unity of mind, body and spirit, enhancement of higher consciousness, chakra work.

Both Sandalwood & Frankincense exert a beneficial effect on the endocrine system. Highlighting the pineal gland, which due to our high-speed, techno-oriented lifestyle, diet and environmental challenges, is less able to function as intended.  




Additional to the Frankincense variety, we offer

  • Sandalwood, Agarwood & organic Cinnamon - provides warmth and comfort 

  • Sandalwood and organic Rose assists to "stop and smell the roses"


Agarwood - Traditional Therapeutic uses in Asia

Traditional medicine in japan and Korea use Agarwood mainly to promote appetite and as a sedative, also in the treatment of coughs and asthma. Indonesian traditional medicine prescribes to expose painful joints to fumes of burning Agarwood as a treatment to reduce pain. In Malaysia Agarwood heartwood is used as a carminative and in the treatment of rheumatism. Thai traditional medicine prescribes Agarwood together with other herbs as a treatment for malaria. A formulation known as Krisanaglun which contains all parts if the Agarwood tree is used for stomach and intestine disorders and dermatological complications. Tibetan medicine prescribes Agarwood as a treatment for nervous and emotional disorders. 


Ordering and Cost:

I recommend contacting me by email on availability of stock. 

Packaging options are still being evaluated, as cones require to be stored in airtight containers.


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