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Perfume Oils


My Fragrant creations in the form of Perfume Oils are based on real life experiences in various parts of the world.

The Alhambra is an ancient Palace and fortress featuring magnificent Islamic architecture credited to the Moors who inhabited this part of Andalusia in the 13th/14th centuries. I was deeply touched by the beauty of the site and its surroundings. Andalusia is known for its orange groves that produce and export fruit to the northern parts of Europe. 


Strolling among orange trees (of the Valencia type - Marmalade orange) during their flowering season is hard to describe in words....The fragrance of orange blossoms fills the air, the buzzing sound of happy bees appearing almost drunk on sweet Neroli pollen...The plant essence produced from the flowers of the bitter orange tree is known as Neroli.

My ALHAMBRA Perfume Oil was created in reverence to this special place.

There are notes of Neroli (distilled) and Orange Blossom absolute combined. While Jasmine and Tuberose contribute their floral accord, Galbanum gives its natural green effect in the top note, and warm, sweet spice Caraway teams up with herbaceous earthy Angelica - blended into organic Jojoba.

For an uplifting, spring-in-the-step experience, this Perfume Oil turns your working day into a celebration of Mediterranean joie de vivre! 

Violet Miron Glass RollOn  10ml     $53

Sample 1ml vial   $5


View over Jumeirah Beach at sunset


Before I found myself in this splendid location, I had formulated a blend I called Opulence.

I was very happy with the outcome; the fragrance beautifully mirrored a visual image I had on my imaginary inner screen of a luxurious place in exotic surroundings. 

On entering the grounds at Mina A Salam in Dubai I was struck with disbelief! Even more so after I was shown to my room, my jaws dropped to the floor, which was covered with exquisite thick exotic rugs . I was embraced  by OPULENCE -  the olfactory memory of my formulation, the décor, featuring colourful, rich fabrics and textures. All my sensory receptors were chiming to a deep, earthy beat reminiscent of desert drums coming from the distance out of tents between sand dunes...One Thousand and One Nights under the Arabian sky. 

Jumeirah Perfume Oil captures the beguiling palette of scents from tribal customary living of the desert dwellers to the pace of the modern metropole that Dubai now represents, and everything in- between.

This warm sensuous fragrance, for me, harbours the secrets of the Arabian Peninsula. Night-flowering Jasmin infused into Sandalwood, gently mingled wit Amber and Vanilla, embracing sweet spicy Cardamom, catching whiffs of smooth dried fruit notes offered by Osmanthus flowers, and held by rich undertones of cocoa - blended into organic Jojoba.

An encounter with Jumeirah can potentially take us to a 'garden of secret promises', where we might find Aladdin's lamp...A small voice whispering: be careful what you wish for!

Violet Miron Glass RollOn  10ml     $58

Sample 1ml vial   $5.50


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