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The Scent of The Soul

Violets are among my most favourite flowers. As a young child I used to go into the forest to pick wild forest blossoms for making posies. Nothing could excite me more than finding partially hidden patches of violets in the dappled shade of the undergrowth between trees. The memory of these happy times is very precious to me, and my love for wild violas has never dimmed.

My hermetic dream of one day working for the House of Guerlain as a 'Nose' was destined to remain a dream! The term 'Nose' in the perfume industry describes a person with an exceptional sense of smell, which is a prerequisite for creating  exquisite fragrance accords. In those days, however, this was very much a male-dominated career.

So I chose the next best option: engaging with plant essences and aromatics of the plant kingdom - as used by the Ancients, initially in the art of incense crafting. My love and passion for all things fragrant has allowed me to study with and learn from a number of masters and teachers in this métier.

Over many years I had an accredited practice and I trained Aromatherapy therapists. While revisiting my spiritual home in East Africa, I was presented with an otherworldly experience.  This validated my intent on primarily placing my focus on the intangible qualities of plant essences and their extraordinary life-affirming effects on deep soul level healing. I set out to explore the Scent of The Soul.


Although I changed direction for a period of time and got involved in the spa industry, I never let go of my strong allegiance to the deep relationship I had built with plant essences. It became evident when formulating cutting edge skincare for luxury spas, my devotion to the Devas was reciprocated.


On my continuous journey of exploring the Apothecary of Fragrance, I am  offering my Sacred Anointing Blends and related products. Like brilliantly shining jewels they light the way along the path of evolving consciousness, enabling us to fully visualise our dreams, and to start Dreaming and Living those Dreams to the fullest.

Christine Platten, Dip. Arom. / Dip. SpiritualPhytoEssencing

Scent Artistry / Formulator

Aromatic Plant Essence Therapist

Accomplished Master Blender of Natural Fragrance Materials

Life-long student of the Hermetic Arts & Sciences

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