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Tending the Body Temple in the Garden 
Our products are 95% organic 
Sandalwood Cleanser 120ml $22.90 / 240ml  $46
Gentle cleansing lotion for daily use, including removal of make-up, containing Sandalwood hydrosol and plant essence combined with golden clay. 
White Cypress Cleansing Oil 120ml    $25.90
Blended plant oils with added plant essences of Australian white leaved Cypress, Honey Myrtle, Rosalina, Palmarosa and Lavender.
The concept behind this cleansing method is that oil (not water) dissolves oil, so by massaging your face with appropriately selected plant oils and then using a compress to gently steam the face, it allows dirt trapped in pores to be released, which helps to avoid breakouts and spots.
It It works for all skin types, including oily, congested, dry and flaky skin.







Cherry Stone Botanical Face Polish  1oz in Miron jar   $21.90

For refining pores and revitalising skin texture. Contains cherry stone granules , grape skins and 

ground rice. Can be used in combination with Sandalwood Cleanser, or on its own mixed into a paste with a carrier oil, once or twice  a week, or as required.


Directions: in your palm mix 1/2 a tsp into approximately 2 pumps of cleanser and apply to skin using circular movements, rinse off with warm water.

OR: mix 1/2 tsp into 1/2 tsp (or more if required) of a carrier oil and follow above steps.



Vitamin C Serum  30ml $34 / 50ml $57

This serum is applied as a primer, followed by a Moisturiser. It is not intended as a stand-alone step in skin care routine. 

Very light in texture it improves skin tone, leaving the epidermis firm and supple. Vitamin C applied topically assists in preventing age spots and enhances skin elasticity. 

Face Elixir  30ml in Miron from $39 to $79

Our Face Elixirs are an exalted version of what is commonly described as a Face Oil. The method I employ in choosing plant oils and plant essences is of symbiotic nature - each individual plant entity is acting in harmonious reciprocity with the sum total. This is reflected in the resulting blend as a frequency comparable to the 'Music of the Spheres'. The blending techniques I use are therefore specific to the intended outcome of the blends. This approach allows the elixirs to cater to the skin's external expression, which mirrors the internal terrain and its state of ease or



Elixirs revitalise, invigorate and nourish the complexion without oiliness and protect against environmental damage. 

  • For Radiance                         

Regenerating essences i.e. Helichrysum, Violet leaf, Frankincense, Rose, Rosewood etc.

  • For Harmony                         

Balancing essences  i.e. German Chamomile, Neroli, Yarrow, Geranium, Clary Sage etc.

  • For Clarity                           

Calming essences i.e. Cedarwood, Lavender, Myrrh, Bergamot, Palmarosa etc. 


Personalised Blends made to order 30ml from $49 to $79


Moisturising Lotion   

30ml from $29.50 to $45    /    50ml   from $49 to $74

As seasons in The Garden change so do our external and internal requirements to accommodate fluctuating conditions. Winter skin needs a different type of protection from the environment than does summer skin.

We offer a choice of moisturisers that supply a mindfully selected range of pure and organic skin food that is hydrating and nourishing without leaving any oily residue:


  • Rose Blend Moisturiser - soothes sensitive skin

  • Neroli Blend Moisturiser - improves skin elasticity

  • Sandalwood Blend Moisturiser - rehydrates dry skin 

  • Frankincense Blend Moisturiser - revitalises tired skin 

  • Helichrysum Blend Moisturiser - regenerates skin tissue, stimulates microcirculation

All the above blends contain a number of plant essences expertly combined with botanical fruit, nut or seed oils and other skin conditioning and protective ingredients.


Rose Mist organic    50ml in Miron  $22.00  /   100ml in Miron  $39

The original core signature of the Rose is Love frequency, love seen as the Fifth Element that holds the All together. The distilled essence of Rose is composed of over 400 bio chemical compounds, the most of all known plant essences. 

Rose Mist uniquely enhances our endeavors when caring for our Body Temple.

The known benefits include: 

  • physically - toning and cooling the facial skin

  • emotionally - soothing a heavy heart

  • Intellectually - strengthening a flagging mind

  • spiritually - a potential connection to higher levels of consciousness


So much more can be said about the Rose, all she asks is to be experienced. No words could ever express her sublime glory she so generously exudes in service to the Beauty and Goodness in All. 

Please note:  to get the full benefit as listed above only TRUE organic and authentic Rose essence will achieve the desired results. There are many rose-like essences in the market place that will disappoint and ultimately be a wasted investment.


  • use after cleansing, before applying elixir or moisturiser. Facilitates the absorption of any on-following products. 

  • misting at the end of a skin care routine will seal in moisture, hydrating the complexion. 

  • as a pick-me-up inviting a joyous feeling of joie de vivre.


Tooth Powder   1oz    $9.00

An alternative to commercial tooth paste, contains: calcium carbonate, bentonite, baking soda,

organic fossil shell flower, organic neem leaf powder, myrrh gum ground, organic coconut charcoal powder, organic peppermint essence.

It might need a little while to get used to the powder, as it is non-foaming. Only a little bit at the time is needed, making it quite an economical way of remineralising teeth and addressing potential gum issues. Leaves the mouth feeling fresh and clean. 

Range of Hair Treatment Oils    100ml from $29 to $36 

Formulated for various requirements


  • All-round Beneficial for Normal Hair $29

Almond*, Apricot*, Coconut*, Jojoba*, Sunflower*, Hemp*

Proprietary blend of plant essences, including Geranium, Lavender, Mandarin...


  • For Dry Hair $29

Jojoba*, Shea*, Avocado*, Abyssinian, Coconut*, Olive*

Proprietary blend of plant essences, including Nagarmotha, sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang…


  • For Oily Hair $29

Hazelnut, Macadamia*, Abyssinian, Jojoba*, Camellia*

Proprietary blend of plant essences, including Bitter Orange, Wild Orange, Cypress...


  • Nourishing, Conditioning for Limp/Lifeless/Treated Hair $35

Abyssinian, Apricot*, Argan*, Castor*, Coconut*, Hemp*,

Proprietary blend of plant essences, including Niaouli, Palmarosa, Sandalwood….


  • For Hair Loss – to stimulate Hair Growth $36

Castor*, Coconut*, Grapeseed*, Hemp*, Nigella*, Shea oil*, Vitamin F

Proprietary blend of plant essences, including Cedarwood, Clary Sage, Bergamot...


  • For Specific Scalp Conditions – dandruff, itchy scalp, psoriasis on the scalp $36

Sunflower*, Argan*, Tamanu*, Rosehip*, Jojoba*

Proprietary blend of plant essences, including Palmarosa, Patchouli, Thyme (creeping)...


Rub approximately 5ml carefully onto scalp, sectioning hair and gently massage in. Do that for one to two evenings per week and leave on all night. Next morning shampoo ONCE with natural shampoo (applying shampoo first before wetting hair).

Repeat for 3 more weeks (4 repetitions in total) and stop for 2 weeks, before starting another 4-week cycle. Continue as required.

All things related to skin, hair and nails require patience and perseverance! It has been known to take up to 6 months for hair conditions to show good results. 

Hand Cream   120ml   $22.00

For hands that work, create and soothe; for hands that give, nurture and hold

Fast absorbing cream to nourish and protect your hands . Apply daily as required, massage well into cuticles.

Key ingredients: apricot*, avocado*, jojoba*, cocoa butter*; plant essences: lemon*, lavender*, patchouli*.

Body Scrub, emulsified     200gm    $39.90

The base for this scrub is organic raw sugar with organic cocoa and mango butters emulsified into blended plant oils, allowing the exfoliant to adhere to warm skin and to effortlessly glide over the contours of the body, Cleanses, refines and revitalises the skin, leaving a silky feel all over. 

Key ingredients: Moroccan Rhassoul clay, shea oil*, jojoba*; plant essences: cardamom*, nutmeg*, black pepper*, cocoa*, pink pepper, Douglas fir*

Dead Sea Mud Powder    200gm     $13.50

The Dead Sea is famous for its unique mineral composition, attracting visitors from all over the world who wrap their bodies head to toe with Dead Sea Mud as the ultimate skin tonic.

Dead Sea Mud powder can be used on its own or mixed clays for a broad spectrum skin tonic approach. It impressively boosts the skin’s detoxification process, draws out excess oil, tightens, and exfoliates to remove dead skin. And while you are replenishing your skin with a wrap you are also absorbing minerals through the skin beneficial to relieving body aches and pains.

It’s also renown as being a very effective treatment for a myriad of skin conditions, one of those being acne. Try it also on irritated skin as its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties treat debilitating symptoms while its minerals deep-clean, nourish and refresh the skin.

Uses: face masks, full body wrap, bath soak, foot soak or.....let your imagination go wild!

Floral Body Oil    100ml in White Glass  $34.00 / 120ml  in white PET  $28.50

Richly layered, floating on a gentle summer breeze, revealing the scents of a flower garden to be discovered....Images of shy violets hiding in the undergrowth of white Jasmin blossoms, touched by a hue of pink. Small white five-petalled stars crowding the bitter orange tree in tightly knit clusters, infusing the afternoon air with their intoxicating signature. Can it get any more enchanting? And there She is, the Queen of Flowers, Her regal height softly swaying as if dancing to a silent melody. She, the Rose, encapsulates the essence to which all plant souls on this sacred patch, tuned to her floral frequency, unite to a spectacular aromatic symphony performed in reverence to the One and Only, The Nameless One. 

More likely one for the ladies...this body oil celebrates the Scented Garden, where dragon flies, bees and fairy folk frolic in playful innocence. Where we can be reminded of simple pleasures like enjoying the sensation of well oiled, nourished and hydrated body skin. Organic jojoba and camellia oils, with added natural vitamin E and olive squalene are perfectly suited for this assignment. 


Apply as desired. Certainly one of the joys of being part of The Garden.


 * denotes organic


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